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"Mercurio De Calama"

Ingles Calama awaits Colo Colo and the return of Rodrigo Mannara

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30/04/09 EMOL - Ingles

SANTIAGO.– Argentine Rodrigo Mannara has played very little recently on Cobreloa. Injuries have kept him off the field this past year on the team coached by Marco Antonio Figueroa. The attacker is being overseen by coach Rubén Vallejos and may play this weekend in the long-awaited confrontation between Cobreloa and Colo Colo. The Andean could prove to be a powerful weapon against Colo Colo, because he consistently brags about being able to defeat them. "Hopefully I will be amongst the 16 in the lineup, and then I can make my contribution, but what's important is that we win, it doesn't matter who makes the goals", stated the player to El Mercurio de Calama. With respect to his injury he says he is fine. "The 'profe' asked me how I am feeling in the game and I told him that I feel good, I have no pain, I just want to play soccer", he stated. The player, regardless, very well may...

Ingles Marco Antonio Figueroa: "If Cobreloa classifies, everyone better watch out"

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06/11/08 EMOL - Ingles

SANTIAGO.- The city of Calama is filled with optimism today after a stellar start to the season. Hopes are high that the Cobreloa team will classify to the playoffs of the Clausura Chilean soccer tournament. If they can make it through to the next phase, they will be a fear-inspiring team, given the squadron's home status and history in similar defining matches. The person radiating the most amount of confidence is none other than the team's coach, Marco Antonio Figueroa, who has abundant faith in his men as they confront the next round of the tournament. "If we make it through, they had better watch out for our team because I am very confident that we can defeat anyone", stated Figueroa. With regards to the match scheduled for this weekend, where the team will face Audax Italiano, only the champion will be allowed to move on. "Unfortunately, we are in the situation that we had...

Ingles Rodrigo Mannara ready to return to Cobreloa

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25/03/09 EMOL - Ingles

SANTIAGO.- Little by little, Cobreloa is beginning to shape up again and recuperate players who have been injured. At one point as many as 8 team members were benched due to injuries. One of the team's main figures is back: forward Rodirgo Mannara has left his physical problems behind and is now ready to return to the field under Coach Marcelo Trobbiani. "I started to train normally so that Marcelo (Trobbiani) would have me in mind for the match on Friday (against Huachipato). I am fine now, the only thing I still haven’t done is play soccer, but with each day that goes by I feel better. Friday's match is very important and I obviously want to be there", stated Mannara. It will not be easy for the Argentine striker to return however, since the team's coach currently has a number of options. "I have said many times that I am at the coach's service and I don't...

Ingles Cobreloa loses Rodrigo Mannara for two weeks

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03/02/09 EMOL - Ingles

SANTIAGO.- Last Sunday was a dark day for Cobreloa. In addition to being defeated by Santiago Morning at the debut match of the Apertura tournament, the team was also hit by an injury to player Rodrigo Mannara. The forward had to be substituted at the match played in the Municipal Stadium of La Pintana and was diagnosed with a pulled muscle in his right calf which, according to "El Mercurio de Calama", will keep him off the field for 15 days. Mannara will therefore have to miss out on his team's match against the Universidad de Concepción this afternoon (7:00 p.m.) for the quarter finals of the Chilean Cup at the Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso de Coquimbo sports stadium. Additionally, Coach Marcelo Trobbiana will not be able to count on the Argentine national during the next two matches of the Apertura tournament, when the team is scheduled to play a home game against...