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Ingles Police arrest man suspected of participating in million-peso robbery in La Reina

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07/01/09 EMOL - Ingles

SANTIAGO.- Officers belonging to the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the PDI in La Reina have arrested a man recognized as one of the four assailants that broke into the home of Zandra Parisi (the sister of Franco Parisi) located on Pasaje Helsby in the aforementioned municipality on Sunday night. The 23 year-old man has been identified as having the initials I.A.G.P. and was detained in the municipality of Peñalolén while trying to pawn some of the items that had been stolen during the violent robbery, which according to the victims resulted in over $40 million pesos in stolen property. Police Chief Eduardo Ullivarri stated that "after 48 hours of police work, we were able to establish that this person was selling items with similar characteristics to those that had been stolen from the victim's home. Once he was brought to the station, he was recognized in a photograph and...

Ingles Monetary Policy Group recommends raising interest rate to 7.75% and ending exchange rate intervention

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12/08/08 EMOL - Ingles

SANTIAGO.- The Monetary Policy Group (MPG) recommended this morning that the Central Bank raise the key interest rate by 50 points –pushing it from 7.25% to 7.75%-- and also suggested that the financial entity cease to intervene in the foreign exchange market as has been the policy since April of this year. The group, which is made up of Ángel Cabrera (Forecast), Rodrigo Cerda (UC), Juan Eduardo (UC), Tomás Flores (Instituto Libertad y Desarrollo) and Franco Parisi (U. of Chile), unanimously agreed on the rate increase, claiming that the “general forecast for inflation seems to be getting worse for July”. The experts also proposed that the exchange rate intervention could be “a source of possible future inflation”, due to the depreciation of the peso. Along with their recommendations for the monetary policy meeting that will be held on Thursday of this week, the...