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Ingles Chile ties with Belgium at last Kirin Cup match

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29/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- The Chilean national soccer team has left much to speculation regarding their upcoming World Cup qualifying matches after a 1-1 tie today against Belgium at their last match at the Kirin Cup in Japan. At the event, which was the team's last game before they face Paraguay and Bolivia, Marcelo Bielsa's players once again failed to close out the match and was plagued by defensive errors. The outcome has led to some concern since several of the players that were placed as starters today are also scheduled to take the field against Paraguay. The scoreboard was marked first by the Belgians with a goal by Kevin Roelandts at the 15 minute mark. Later, the game was tied when Universidad Católica player Gary Medel scored a point for Chile. The match marked the second time Chile and Belgium have faced each other. The first occasion was in 1960, as preparation for...

Ingles Chile attains best FIFA ranking in years

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08/04/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Marcelo Bielsa's coaching of the Chilean National Soccer Team has been good for the squadron, not only is there a notable "change in the mentality" of players and the press, but there are also numbers to back it up. Chile is currently in qualifying range for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Furthermore, this month's FIFA ranking shows the national team in 26th place, which is its highest position in a decade. Since June of 1999, Chile had displayed a marked decline in the ranking. In 2001, the national team began to decline, dropping to its lowest point in 2002, when it was placed in 84th position. The team remained in the lower end of the ranking for both 2003 and 2004, and was only able to climb out of its slump in 2005. The arrival of Marcelo Bielsa however, in 2007, has brought the national team back to a more advantageous position following an...

Ingles Only 17 thousand tickets remain for Chile-Uruguay match

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19/03/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Despite the high price of tickets to see the World Cup Qualifying match between Chile and Uruguay, only 17 thousand are reportedly still for sale. According to the National Association of Professional Football (ANFP), tickets sales have been very high, "showing, only 12 days before the game, the interest fans have in going to the National Stadium to support 'La Roja' led by Marcelo Bielsa". Tickets to the game scheduled to take place on April 1st at 7:10 pm in the National Stadium have been on sale to the public since Wednesday, March 4th in París department stores from La Serena to Concepción. The prices of the tickets include a 20% discount for those who purchase them with their Cencosud Tarjeta Más card. Meanwhile, the section that has been designated for Uruguay fans will be the north side of the stadium and visitors will have to present a document proving...

Ingles Mark González will not play this weekend for Betis

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16/03/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SEVILLE.- Chilean soccer player Mark González continues to experience problems after not taking to the field during a match between his club, Betis, and Osasuna, due to an injury in the quadriceps of his left leg. According to his team's physicians, the player has once again been denied medical permission to play in a match on this upcoming Sunday against Club Deportivo in La Coruña. Mark González, who until now has only participated in 10 league matches due to various injuries, also remains unconfirmed for the two upcoming 2010 World Cup qualifying matches against Peru and Uruguay next week, under the summons of national team coach Marcelo Bielsa. The way things are going, it seems most likely that the winger will not be able to participate in the matches. It is also appearing as though Arturo Vidal will not be able to take the field either. Another injured Betis player,...

Ingles Beausejour: "I will not continue on O´Higgins, I might be joining América"

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25/11/08 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- 2008 has been the best soccer year so far for Jean Beausejour. The outside winger for O´Higgins has become a crucial player for his club and has even gained himself a jersey for the national team. He is a favorite of Bielsa and one of the best players in the current tournament which is coming to an end. The former UC player’s performance has attracted the attention of several foreign teams, meaning that his days in Chile may be numbered. The most likely option is that Beausejour will make is way to club América de México – a team that has been after him for some time. “I am definitely not going to stay on O´Higgins. And well, the most likely scenario is that I will join América because I believe an oral agreement has already been made”, the player stated on the Liv TV program “Bonvallet 2.0”. With regards to his team’s elimination from...

Ingles Chile practices trapping for upcoming match against Spain

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18/11/08 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIGO.- The coach of the Chilean national soccer team, Marcelo Bielsa, continued to hold practice today in Valencia with a clear emphasis on ball trapping in await of the squadron’s friendly match against Spain. Offensive wingers Carlos Villanueva, Matías Fernández and Jorge Valdivia were those who practiced trapping the most. Externally, Marcelo Bielsa seemed to be quite unaffected by the withdrawal of Claudio Maldonado (without club permission) and Pablo Contreras (injured) from the match – or at least that was the impression he was trying to give. Bielsa seemed extremely friendly with the national players that have arrived to practice, although close sources indicate that the team may be quite upset internally given the fact that they will not be able to play with the midfielders, with the desertion of Maldonado and Contreras only aggravating the situation. There is also...

Ingles Argentine soccer team awaits match in their hotel along with vice president of FIFA

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15/10/08 - EMOL (Chile)

To see international photos, click here SANTIAGO.- Accompanying the vice-president of the International Football Association (FIFA) is Julio Humberto Grondona (the president of the Argentine Association of Football), who has held the position for 29 years. Grondona has a stadium named after him and also belongs to the Presidency of the Finance Commission and the Marketing and Television Council of FIFA. He is a very powerful man and it shows. He is currently in Santiago presiding over the Argentine national soccer team as they await their confrontation against Chile tonight at 8:15PM. The group of 38 people traveling with the team, including directors, the head of security and even a chef, have been at the Santiago Hotel Marriot since yesterday. A total of 22 soccer players arrived, 11 of which will take to the field tonight to play against Chile in the first game of the second...

Ingles Gary Medel rejoins "La Roja" following torn muscle scare

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06/10/08 - EMOL (Chile)

To see international photos, click here SANTIAGO.- After Universidad Católica's impressive win yesterday against the Universidad de Concepción in Callao (5-3), national soccer team member Gary Medel began to complain of pain in his left leg, worrying those at the Juan Pinto Durán Athletic Complex. Today, the winger –who also plays defense for the national team, aka "La Roja"— joined the Chilean national team with good news. The team doctor, Fernando Yáñez, performed an exam on Medel that indicated a muscle contracture in his left leg, which means that the player is not suffering from a muscle tear and should be in top shape for the match against Ecuador this weekend. Now it will be up to the doctors for the Chilean national team to confirm the medical condition of the former participant in the Sub-20 World Cup in Canada and approve his trip to the Ecuadorian capital this...

Ingles Bielsa to make only slight changes to roster for matches against Ecuador and Argentina

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30/09/08 - EMOL (Chile)

To see international photos, click here SANTIAGO.- Marcelo Bielsa has returned Chile after taking a short vacation to visit his family in Rosario, Argentina. Once in Santiago, the coach of Chile's national soccer team will begin to prepare, in his head and on the whiteboard, for his squadron's upcoming confrontations with Ecuador and Argentina. Bielsa, along with the National Professional Football Association (ANFP) have already sent faxes to the corresponding players abroad in order to confirm their attendance at the matches. According to the faxed memos, the list of players coming from abroad will be no different than those who participated in recent matches against Brazil and Colombia. The only change for the new list of players could be the number of individuals selected to play in Chile. Bielsa may call for back-ups since penalties could be brought against some of the players...

Ingles Bielsa: "There were players that came close to the making it to the main group"

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25/09/08 - EMOL (Chile)

To see international photos, click here LOS ANGELES/ SANTIAGO.- With his signature composure, Argentine coach Marcelo Bielsa issue statements to the press today concerning his squadron's historic victory last night against Mexico at a friendly match held in the United States. The 1-0 win, thanks to an "auto-goal" scored by defense player Juan Carlos Valenzuela was, according to Bielsa, "a very even game, with Mexico gaining the upper hand during the first 20 minutes, due to better control over the ball". "But Chile began to improve and that was due to good performance from the players. Everyone knows that the main players for the qualifying matches were not here, but there were some players that brought themselves quite a bit closer to being included in that group", the coach stated while alluding to the outstanding performance of some of his men, which could possibly...