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Ingles Minister of Foreign Affairs: Chile will request explanations from Brazil and Argentina

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27/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mariano Fernández, confirmed this morning that the Chilean government has decided to ask for explanations from the ambassadors of Brazil and Argentina after the diplomats from both nations issued statements in Lima in favor of Peru's maritime claim at The Hague. Fernández stated that "the affirmations made by the ambassadors in a regional capital surprised me, since ambassadors generally act upon instructions", reported Radio Cooperativa. The minister also said that as the head of Chilean diplomacy he has information regarding the stance of the governmental administrations lead by Lula Da Silva and Cristina Fernández concerning the dispute between Chile and Peru at The Hague International Court. Furthermore, he also reiterated the statements made yesterday by the Minister of Government Affairs, José Antonio Viera-Gallo, who contended that in...

Ingles National women's volleyball team takes third place in Copa Latina

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18/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Despite having the public against them at the Manuel Bonilla Collisseum in Lima, the Chilean women's volleyball team managed to triumph and then secure a very tough win against Colombia to take third place in the 2009 Copa Latina tournament. During their fourth match in the international championship in the Peruvian capital, Hugo Jáuregui's squad played well, but secured the match only during the tie-break phase. During the first part, the Chilean team dominated the Colombian players. In the second part of the match however, the tide turned. In the third portion of the match, Chile gained steam and pulled ahead. Colombia, however was able to step up their game once again, leaving the score at 2-2. The teams were forced to go head to head in the tie break phase, with Chile finally securing the win. The players will now return to Santiago before making their way...

Ingles Chilean national Camila Silva to take part in Roland Garros tournament

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14/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- At the tender age of only 17, coastal native Camila Silva is an up-and-coming star in Chilean tennis. Today, Silva is the 11th best-ranked player in the juniors' female circuit, but she knows and her talent indicates that she can go even higher. For now, the national tennis player is already fulfilling one of her 2009 goals to enter the Roland Garros juniors' tournament. Thanks to her ranking, Silva was directly included in the clay court tournament and is one of three South American tennis players in the competition. According to the acceptance list revealed by the tournament organizers, Silva heads the South American list of athletes, which also includes Verónica Cepede of Paraguay and Paula Ormaechea of Argentina. In anticipation of the Roland Garros tournament (which is scheduled to begin on May 31), Silva will travel to Italy to compete next week in the 50th Trofeo...

Ingles Colo Colo confirms Hugo Tocalli as new coach

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13/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Just as had been previously announced, it was confirmed today that the new trainer finally chosen to take over Colo Colo would be Argentine national Hugo Tocalli. The former Sub 20 Argentina coach, which lead his team to victory at the 2008 World Cup in Canada was chosen instead of his fellow countryman Diego Cagna, who had been thought of as the favourite to lead Colo Colo. The coach was confirmed this morning on Radio Agricultura by Gabriel Ruiz-Tagle, who said that the new trainer for Colo Colo will have to, amongst other things, work to restore the team and transform the group into a powerhouse. Tocalli will also be involved in work related to the minor Colo Colo divisions, which are headed by Paraguayan national Gualberto Jara. Hugo Tocalli was the first official hopeful noted to take over for Marcelo Barticciotto, however his confirmation was delayed after Cagna...

Ingles "Papelucho" to be released in theaters in Mexico, U.S.A. and Canada

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08/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

LOS ANGELES.- The popular cartoon character "Papelucho", created by writer Marcela Paz and taken to the big screen by Director Alejandro Rojas, will be seen in North American theatres now that Mexican distributor Gussi has acquired the rights to the film. According to Variety, the animated film, which attracted close to 200 thousand audience members in Chile, was acquired through FilmSharks International – a Latin American company in charge of selling the film's rights abroad. The feature-length film also has been signed to make its way to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and the Middle East, thanks to operations with film distributors Impacto Cine, EuroCine, Escalon Films and Media International Pictures. FilmSharks also managed to sell the film's rights of "Desierto Sur", by Shawn Garry, to the FiGa Films distributor, which plans to show the movie at a maximum of...

Ingles Barrick Gold to construct gold mine in Pascua Lama

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07/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

TORONTO.- Following a tax agreement that was reached between Argentina and Chile, the Canadian mining company Barrick Gold Corp announced today that it will be going ahead with the construction of a mining project in Pascua Lama, which will produce an average of between 750,000 and 800,000 ounces of gold per year. The company added that the project would begin towards the end of 2012 and said that production would commence during the beginning of 2013. Barrick also indicated that Pascua Lama, located some 5,500 meters above sea level on the Argentina-Chile border, would also produce an average of 35 million ounces of silver per year once it entered into full operation. The company estimates that construction costs for the project will be between US$ 2.8 and US$ 3 billion dollars, for which the corporation has already begun negotiations to obtain US$ 1 billion dollars in...

Ingles Chilean rock group The Ganjas launches record

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30/04/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.– The trend of free music downloads continues to grow in Chile. This time the space- psychedelic rock group The Ganjas has joined the movement. As part of the "Free the music" campaign supported by Levi's brand, the group has made their music free and available to the public on the website, including an exclusive advance release of five songs from their newest album "Loose". The songs available are "Modern man", "Revelate", "Motoqueiro", "The cut" and the title song "Loose", new songs from the record that the band is set to launch tonight. "Loose" is the fourth album put out over the considerable trajectory of The Ganjas, a group that formed in 2001 and hailed as one of the top bands of a generation of independent rockers who began to make appearances at the beginning of the decade. "Loose" was mastered in Argentina and includes 11 new songs that the group has...

Ingles Chile hailed as "big winner" in most recent round of World Cup Qualifying matches

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02/04/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Despite a tie with Uruguay, the three points the Chilean national soccer team obtained in Lima were enough for the squad to be hailed as the big winner of the most recent round of qualifying matches. The team has not only done well because it is now one of the three teams to gain four points in this session, along with Brazil and Uruguay, but Chile was the only team of the four currently within the direct qualifying zone that managed to move up a position. Before the most recent matches, "La Roja" was in fourth place, with the same amount of points as Argentina, but below them considering the difference in goals. Today, the Chilean national team is positioned at number three. They have one point more than Argentina, which is in fourth place today after being defeated yesterday by Bolivia. Argentina is one point behind Chile and two ahead of Uruguay, which is...

Ingles Argentine press gushes over blocks made by Dalsasso during Everton win

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18/03/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- "Where did this Argentine player capable of blocking anything thrown at him come from to save the Chileans?". This was the primary question asked by the sports periodical "Ole" in its article covering the match where Everton defeated Lanús by 2-1 in Argentina during the Copa Libertadores tournament. The Argentines were shocked by the performance of the goalkeeper on the squadron led by Nelson Acosta. The press also highlighted the effort put forth by José Luis Muñoz and his last-minute score. "La Nación" also had some words to offer to the Viña del Mar goalkeeper. "Blanco cried and Lanús didn't react. Furthermore, the Chileans just barely took the lead and every advance made by the winning team was thanks to their goalkeeper, Dalsasso". The same newspaper also mentions Jaime Riveros saying, "the 38 year old Everton player managed, despite his mature age for...

Ingles One Argentine and three Chileans die in accident in the south

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12/03/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Four people were killed in a tragic head-on collision between two vehicles on the road between Villarrica and Freire in Region X. One of the victims has been identified as Argentine tourist Enrique Mesonero, who was driving one of the vehicles. The other three people killed, all Chilean nationals, were identified as Hugo Catricheo and Natalia Navarrete, who were riding with Mesonero and lived in the city of Cipolleti in Argentina, and 47 year-old Angelica Huerta, who was driving the other vehicle and riding with her daughter. The accident took place at 7:00 AM this morning. Police and ambulances were dispatched to the scene to retrieve the bodies and investigate the case. As a result of the collision, traffic in the area was stopped for several...