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Ingles Car falls into La Aguada canal after colliding with taxi in Macul

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15/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- A movie-style crash took place at the corner of Exequiel Fernández and La Aguada en Macul last night, where a car fell into the La Aguada canal after colliding with a taxi. The incident took place just after 11:00 PM, when a Toyota Yaris heading northbound and being driven by 18 year-old Hector Cárdenas Soto was hit by a taxi driven by 57 year-old David Catrivil Collio. Catrivil was travelling eastbound and, according to initial reports, may have run a red light. As a result of the violent impact, the taxi driver was ejected from his vehicle, while the car went up on the central median and destroyed a protection barrier before falling into the waters of the canal. As Catrivil was transported to the Salvador Hospital, fire-fighters managed to rescue Cárdenas using special equipment to cut the young man out of the twisted metal frame of his vehicle. After an hour...

Ingles Crash at intersection of Avenida Matta and Vicuña Mackenna causes major traffic jam

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16/01/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO. - Volunteers belonging to the Rescue Unit of the Santiago Fire Department, along with emergency medical (SAMU) personnel performed a harrowing act this morning, freeing a woman who became trapped inside her vehicle after her car flipped in an accident on the corner of Avenida Matta and Vicuña Mackenna. The incident took place at close to 7:45AM this morning when a red Chevrolet Spark and a gray Toyota Corolla –both driven by women- collided. According to preliminary reports, one of the women may have run a red light. As a result of the impact, the Chevrolet ended up on its side, trapping the driver inside. The woman was rescued approximately thirty minutes after the accident had occurred. Nevertheless, both victims are currently conscious and one of them, 55 year-old Fresia Morca who was driving the Toyota, was transported to the Posta Central...

Ingles Young man dies in car crash in La Reina

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01/10/08 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- A 26 year old man was killed and another seriously injured at approximately 4:00AM this morning after the car the two had been travelling in collided with a tree at the intersection of Principe de Gales and Lorely in the municipality of La Reina. According to preliminary reports, the vehicle was travelling above the speed limit when it impacted a barrier alongside the road. The car then crashed into two trees and finally landed at a 45 degree tilt over a third tree. Upon impact, the man in the passenger's seat of the white Toyota Yaris, identified as 26 year-old Diego Henríquez Araneda, was ejected from the vehicle and killed instantly from a neck injury. Henríquez Araneda was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. Meanwhile, the driver of the vehicle, 24 year-old Francisco Quiroz Rojas, was rescued by paramedics and taken to Hospital Salvador,...

Ingles Multiple-car crash in Las Condes leaves two people seriously injured

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19/12/07 - EMOL (Chile)

To see international photos, click here SANTIAGO.- Three cars crashed into each other early this morning at 10912 Avenida Las Condes, near Estoril. The accident left two people in critical condition and seven people with minor injuries. According to police reports, the accident may have been caused by a combination of speeding and alcohol consumption. Initial versions of the event indicate that a crash between a Toyota Tercel and a Peugeot 206 occurred first, and that a station wagon Ssang Yong may have then rammed into them. Both of young adults who were seriously injured were traveling in the Toyota Tercel. They were on their way home from a celebration at the Sala Murano dance club and presumably under the influence of alcohol. According to initial investigations, the accident happened while the Peugot 206 was pulling out of a gas station and, refusing to yield the right...