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Ingles Gildemeister awaits conversation with González in France

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26/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Hans Gildemesiter is following the Chilean players' winning streak at the Roland Garros tournanment and keeping an eye on the Austrians. The Davis Cup captain has been in France since last week, where he hopes to speak to the Chilean players, especially Fernando González. The former tennis player admits however that he has yet to speak with the La Reina native, who advanced on to the second round of the Parisian tournament yesterday. "I haven't talked about the Davis Cup with anyone. I was with Nicolás for a bit yesterday (Monday), but we talked about the Roland Garros. I haven't spoken to Fernando (…) he is concentrated on his goal of going very far here and with the game play he has demonstrated, he very well could", the coach told Radio Cooperativa. With regards to a possible meeting with Chile's number one player, Gildemeister stated that "we have to play it...

Ingles Gildemeister willing to resign as captain for Davis Cup

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24/04/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Following a series of accusations against the Federation of Tennis regarding discrepancies in the organization of the Chile-Australia match at the Davis Cup, the captain of the national team, Hans Gildemeister, asserted that he is willing to step down from the post if the organization asks him to. "If the different federations or regional presidents believe that this project is no better than the others, there is no problem, I have no problem going home and dedicating myself more to my business and family", expressed Hans to Radio Amadeus. He then commented that he "hope[s] to continue focusing on what lies ahead", amidst the incidents which have marked national tennis in recent days. "We, along with José Hinzpeter, have taken pains to showcase the vision that we have for the next four years, respectfully, without criticizing anybody", declared the former tennis...

Ingles Davis Cup: Nicolás Massú to debut against Mario Ancic at series between Croatia and Chile

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05/03/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Nicolás Massú and Mario Ancic will be the ones to start off the series of matches between Croatia and Chile this Friday at 2:00 pm local time (10:00 am in Chile) during the first round of the World Group of the Davis Cup. The match will be played indoors on a hard court at the Visenamjenska Sportska Dvorana de Porec Stadium, which has a capacity for 4,000 spectators. At previous encounters, Massú (Nº98, but chosen by Hans Gildemeister to be the first-string single player) and Ancic (Nº30) have only faced each other once at the 2006 Tournament in Düsseldorf. On that occasion, the Croatian player took the match, scoring 6-3, 6-2 during the first phase. Paul Capdeville (Nº93) and Marin Cilic (Nº19) will play second and have never faced each other before. On Saturday, also at 10:00 am Chilean time, the doubles match will be held with the same...

Ingles Nicolás Massú drops 17 places in ATP ranking

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02/03/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- This week is a Copa Davis week for the Chilean tennis team, which has been in Croatia since last week waiting to go up against local players on Friday, March 6th in Porec. In the meantime however, Chilean tennis player Nicolás Massú has received some bad news. In the weekly-published ATP ranking, the Viña del Mar native appeared today in 98th position, with 900 points. The new position signifies a drop of 17 spots on the international tennis roster only four days before the scheduled clash with Croatians. The news came at a bad time for Massú, since it has now been confirmed that according to ranking, Paul Capedeville will be hailed as the number two player in Chile. For the upcoming match, Massú will have to hang on to the confident words spoken recently about him by Captain Hans Gildemeister. Meanwhile, Capedeville moved up a notch to position 93 with...
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Ingles Gildemeister says he does not expect Capdeville to make Nº 2 spot in Chile

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19/02/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Just two weeks prior to the World Group of the Davis Cup between Chile and Croatia in Porec, the captain of the national team, Hans Gildemeister, has indicated that, despite the rough patch tennis player Nicolás Massu is currently going through, he is confident that he will maintain his place as Chile's number two player. "This has a lot to do with experience and Nicolás has had good performances at the Davis Cup; he has yielded results every time I put him in, these are very tough matches and I am completely confident in him", the former tennis player told Emol. According to the ATP ranking, Massú should be the third national singles player since, beginning next week, he will drop 15 positions to Nº 97 – two slots below Capedeville (Nº 95). And so, based on stats and the low level of performance the former Olympic champion has shown in recent tournaments, Massú...

Ingles Gildemeister: "Massú is not ready to represent Chile in Davis"

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21/02/08 - EMOL (Chile)

To see international photos, click here SANTIAGO. – The Chilean captain for the Davis Cup, Hans Gildemeister, is worried. Tennis player Nicolás Massú´s performance over the past few weeks is giving him more than a headache. In a conversation with El Mercurio, the former Chilean tennis star spoke about the tough times facing Chile’s current number two. “He needs to win games in order to pump up his confidence and contend for the Davis Cup next April”, stated the team captain. “Nicolás Massú is in excellent technical shape; Pato Rodríguez and his physical trainer have done a good job. Despite all of this he needs to build up his confidence and win some games. I have no doubt that he can build his game back up and improve his ranking. It would be good for him as well as for us”, he commented. Regarding Massú´s current level and the upcoming competitions against...

Ingles Gildemeister: "De la Peña is bleeding from the wound"

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28/11/07 - EMOL (Chile)

To see international photos, click here SANTIAGO.- The captain of the Chilean team for the Davis Cup, Hans Gildemeister, responded to criticism from Horacio de la Peña regarding the results achieved by the national representation in 2007. In statements made on Agricultura radio station, Gildemeister said that he didn't want to stir controversy with "that character", but began throwing sticks at the ex coach of Fernando González by saying "I think that he is bleeding from the wound, since Fernando Gonzalez already sent him off, he is trying to get attention from the media". Gildemeister continued to distort De la Peña's criticism for having moved the match last year against Russia to La Serena. "There are many lies. It was the International (Tennis) Federation that didn't authorize us to play the match in Viña del Mar", he explained. Regarding Gildemeister's serious lack of...