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Ingles Velasco denies possibility of running for president

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28/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- After his name emerged as a possible replacement for DC senator Eduardo Frei as the presidential candidate for the Concertación, Minister of Finance Andrés Velasco has taken it upon himself to clear up any questions regarding the matter. The minister stated that he does not plan on becoming a presidential candidate and assured that those who brought up the subject matter are only looking to divide the leftist coalition. From France, where he is currently accompanying President Michelle Bachelet during her official tour through the nation, the state secretary was asked about his willingness to compete in the presidential race to La Moneda. "I am not part of that, I am not available for that", he responded. The minister added that his intentions are actually quite contrary and stated that he regrets the fact that some are trying to use his name to "bring about...

Ingles Frei downplays importance of Enríquez-Ominami campaign and says he is only concerned about the opposition

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05/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- “They chose me as a candidate in order to defeat the right wing in December. That is what I am concerned with. That is my objective and that is what I am working on”. This was the response given by the Concertación presidential candidate, Senator Eduardo Frei, after he was asked about the presidential campaign of Deputy Marco Enríquez-Ominami. In response to excuses given by the opposition, the senator was also pushed not to move ahead on the change to a two-party system and indicated that there are other legislative priorities. While referring to the matter, Frei stated that “the right has never agreed to change it in 18 years and I don’t think they are going to want to change now in two weeks”.

Ingles Calama awaits Colo Colo and the return of Rodrigo Mannara

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30/04/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.– Argentine Rodrigo Mannara has played very little recently on Cobreloa. Injuries have kept him off the field this past year on the team coached by Marco Antonio Figueroa. The attacker is being overseen by coach Rubén Vallejos and may play this weekend in the long-awaited confrontation between Cobreloa and Colo Colo. The Andean could prove to be a powerful weapon against Colo Colo, because he consistently brags about being able to defeat them. "Hopefully I will be amongst the 16 in the lineup, and then I can make my contribution, but what's important is that we win, it doesn't matter who makes the goals", stated the player to El Mercurio de Calama. With respect to his injury he says he is fine. "The 'profe' asked me how I am feeling in the game and I told him that I feel good, I have no pain, I just want to play soccer", he stated. The player, regardless, very well may...

Ingles Ipsos poll indicates Piñera has 18.7% advantage over Frei

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15/04/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- The latest Ipsos poll, taken between the March 17 and April 3 (before the Concertación primaries) displayed an almost 19 point difference between Sebastián Piñera (44%) and Eduardo Frei (25.3%) for the first round of presidential polls. The two main candidates were followed by José Antonio Gómez (6.0%), Marco Enríquez (5.3%), Tomás Hirsch and Adolfo Zaldívar (3.1%), Guillermo Teillier (1.5%), Alejandro Navarro (0.6%) and Jorge Arrate (0.4%). The poll also indicated that the Alianza candidate is in first place amongst those who believe that he will be the next President of Chile, with 54.2%. Meanwhile, the percentage of mentions given to the Concertación candidate has reached 37.9%, which is 32.8 percentage points higher than the figure in December of last year, when Ricardo Lagos had still not dropped out of the race. With regards to attributes, the poll...

Ingles Isla and Tello may get their big break in South Africa

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10/02/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.– The Chilean National Soccer Team finished their third training session in South Africa this morning under Head Coach Marcelo Bielsa. The trainer is finally beginning to give hints as to who will be in the lineup to compete against the South African team in this Wednesday's game at 3:30 p.m. The big news of the "Roja" team is that the defensive player from Udinse Mauricio Isla, and the winger from Besiktas in Turkey Rodrigo Tello, are to be included in the starting lineup. All in all, Wednesday's lineup includes Claudio Bravo; Mauricio Isla, Waldo Ponce, Marco Estrada; Arturo Vidal, Carlos Carmona y Rodrigo Tello; Matías Fernández; Alexis Sánchez, Humberto Suazo and Mark González. Coach Marcelo Bielsa was seen having a conversation with these 11 players and did specific technical work with each of them, which is why it is assumed that these 11 will make up the primary...

Ingles President of Cobreloa: "We will do everything we can to keep Figueroa"

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01/12/08 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Members of Cobreloa have announced that they hope to continue on with coach Marco Antonio Figeroa, however, as the team's performance enhances, so does the coach's salary demands. The president of the club, Juan George, insisted today that the matter will be addressed at a meeting with Figueroa's manager, Mariano Gastó. "We are going to meet with his representative on Friday or Saturday", stated George, while also asserting that the club has only one proposal to offer: "The idea is that Figueroa remains with us". "We are going to do everything we can monetarily on our part to keep Marco Antonio and his team of trainers in the medium-term, meaning 2009-2010, and along with his representative, I hope that we can reach an agreement that will be mutually beneficial for both parties", explained George. In addition to the athletic aspect of the proposal, the issue naturally...

Ingles PPD caucus continues to reject Heath Budget

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11/11/08 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO. - The caucus of PPD Deputies has asserted that it will continue to reject approval for the Health Budget until necessary measures are taken to confront the current crisis within the sector. The deputies insisted that they will only vote in favor of the initiative once more resources have been allocated to the sector in order to tackle problems concerning administration, a lack of specialists and waiting lists. The PPD deputy and member of the Health Commission, Marco Antonio Ñúñez, also announced that the group has decided to add a condition that the proposal to deliver an “AUGE service voucher” be rejected so that, if the maximum amount of time established by law is exceeded, people are able to receive medical attention from the private system. Lastly, the deputies asserted that they would communicate all of their concerns to the Minister of Health during a...

Ingles Still no results in search for lost hiker hit by avalanche in Cajón del Maipo

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05/11/08 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Several troops belonging to Special Police Operations (GOPE) have resumed a search 23 year-old hiker Marco Antonio Vera Moraga today. The hiker went missing on Cerro San Francisco in Cajón del Maipo Saturday afternoon and search efforts have yet to yield results. The young man, who is originally from Coyhaique was climbing the mountain with two friends at the time of the accident, when a sudden snow avalanche began to rush down the hillside, sweeping Vera Moraga some one thousand meters downhill. After the accident, it took Vera's two friends 24 hours to reach the closest patrol station in order to seek help. Following the avalanche, Police Captain Alexis Chamblas stated that "we have to take into account that this is an avalanche that fell on a person. We don't know how many meters of snow or ice there could have been and the search is going to be quite...

Ingles Search continues for missing hiker in Cajón del Maipo

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04/11/08 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO. - Two troops belonging to the Group of Special Police Operations (GOPE) resumed their search at 7:00 AM this morning in hopes of finding 23 year-old mountaineer Marco Antonio Vera Moraga, who has been missing since Saturday afternoon in the Baño Morales sector of the Cajón del Maipo. Some 30 police officers, as well as several mountaineers began working together in the search as soon Vera, who is originally from Coihaique and belongs to the Mountaineering organization of the Universidad Católica, was reported missing. The young man had been climbing the mountain along with two friends when an avalanche of snow suddenly began rushing down the mountainside, sweeping the man some 1000 meters downhill and leaving him buried under approximately two meters of snow, rock and tree branches. After the tragedy, it took Vera´s friends 24 hours to make their way to the...

Ingles More than 30 people search for hiker swept away by avalanche in Cajón del Maipo

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03/11/08 - EMOL (Chile)

To see international photos, click here SANTIAGO.- A group of close to 30 people, including police officers and mountaineers, have mounted an intensive search and rescue operation to find 23 year old Marco Antonio Vera Moraga after he disappeared Saturday afternoon on Cerro San Francisco -a hill that stands between 3,200 and 4,000 meters high in the Baños Morales sector of Cajón del Maipo-. According to police captain Alexis Chamblas, the hiker was climbing the mountain with two friends when an avalanche of snow carried him between 800 and one thousand meters downhill. After the tragedy, it took Vera's two friends 24 hours to reach the nearest patrol station in order to report what had happened. Chamblas stated, "we have to consider the fact that this was an avalanche that fell on a person. We don't know how many meters of snow or ice there might have been and the search has...