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Ingles Enríquez-Ominami: The Concertación is considering replacing Frei

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26/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Presidential candidate Marco Enríquez Ominami stated today that the Concertación is considering replacing DC senator Eduardo Frei as their official candidate if he does not manage to shorten the gap between him and his opponent, Sebastián Piñera. "The Concertación has already begun talking about what will happen if Frei does not move up in the polls; that they might have to start thinking about another candidate, such as Minister of Finance Andrés Velasco", Enríquez stated during a press conference abroad. The socialist deputy admitted that he is "satisfied" with the current internal discord that is taking place within the Concertación because it could contribute to a generational renovation of the coalition that has governed Chile since the end of the military regime. Nevertheless, the politician assured that his "ideological home is with the Socialist Party",...

Ingles Velasco speaks out against right wing criticism of statements made by Bachelet

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22/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Following the latest public address by President Michelle Bachelet, Andrés Velasco refuted the words of criticism spoken by the right-wing Alianza coalition and their presidential candidate, Sebastián Piñera, stressing that the decisions made pertained to government initiatives, not campaigning ones. In response to the statements made by the presidential candidate, who said that he would have preferred a bonus of $50 thousand pesos and not $40 thousand as was announced by Bachelet, Minister Velasco asserted that "there is no shame in asking, but when you are governing and not campaigning, you have to make decisions and the government has made decisions I consider wise". During an interview with Radio Cooperativa, the state official also rejected criticism made by the Alliance regarding "minimal investment", saying that the statement "simply does not align with the...

Ingles Piñera criticizes current administration and reveals details of voluntary Trusts

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27/04/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- While harshly criticizing the government for the delay in passing the Blind Trust Law, the presidential candidate for the right wing Alianza, Sebastián Piñera, explained how he would carry out the plan to dissociate his administration from his numerous companies in light of the presidential campaign. After speaking out against the current administration's "obsession" with sabotaging his campaign, Piñera explained that the majority of his investments will now be administrated by four separate institutions, which are controlled by the National Securities Supervisor (Superintendencia de Valores) or by the Banks Supervisor (Superintendencia de Bancos). "They are going to manage these investments according to their criteria, without informing me of anything, except what is strictly necessary to fulfil my tax and legal obligations", stated Piñera. The presidential...

Ingles Evelyn Matthei "would be thrilled" to participate in Piñera's campaign

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22/04/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Just one day after UDI Senator Hernán Larraín announced that he would not be joining the presidential campaign committee of Alianza candidate Sebastían Piñera –saying that he needed to focus on his own re-election-, Evelyn Matthei has contended that she is willing to take part in the campaign, replacing resigned official Pablo Longueira. "I would be thrilled and I think that there is no room here for personal opinions, no room for criticism, the only thing we have to do is unite to move this campaign forward", she asserted. During an interview with Radio Cooperativa, the senator added that "there are many people in the UDI who are absolutely willing and eager to help Sebastián, and I think that Sebastián himself will have to choose who will do so". According to statements made yesterday by UDI president Juan Antonio Coloma, the new member of the campaign...

Ingles Ipsos poll indicates Piñera has 18.7% advantage over Frei

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15/04/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- The latest Ipsos poll, taken between the March 17 and April 3 (before the Concertación primaries) displayed an almost 19 point difference between Sebastián Piñera (44%) and Eduardo Frei (25.3%) for the first round of presidential polls. The two main candidates were followed by José Antonio Gómez (6.0%), Marco Enríquez (5.3%), Tomás Hirsch and Adolfo Zaldívar (3.1%), Guillermo Teillier (1.5%), Alejandro Navarro (0.6%) and Jorge Arrate (0.4%). The poll also indicated that the Alianza candidate is in first place amongst those who believe that he will be the next President of Chile, with 54.2%. Meanwhile, the percentage of mentions given to the Concertación candidate has reached 37.9%, which is 32.8 percentage points higher than the figure in December of last year, when Ricardo Lagos had still not dropped out of the race. With regards to attributes, the poll...

Ingles Senator Naranjo: "The Alianza does not have the moral authority to criticize primaries"

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06/04/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- The chief assistant of the board of PS senators, Jaime Naranjo, has rejected criticism from the Alianza regarding the left-wing primary elections. "The right and Piñera have no moral authority to criticize the Concertación primaries, since they have never held this kind of event to designate their presidential candidate", Naranjo declared. The senator added that the presidential candidate for the right "has been chosen by Pinochet (the first time) or by right-wing parties and when they haven't been able to reach an agreement, there have been two candidates". In Naranjo's opinion, in order to have moral authority, one must not act like the "'priest Gatica', who criticizes but does not practice what he preaches". The senator also indicated that "Piñera and the right, due to their authoritative nature, fear having their own members designate a candidate and prefer...

Ingles Gómez admits lack of Concertación support for his campaign registration

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26/01/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO. - Just as had been expected, the president of the Radical Party (PRSD), Senator José Antonio Gómez, registered his presidential candidacy in hopes of participating in the Concertación primaries, where he will compete against Senator Eduardo Frei. Goméz took advantage of the occasion to acknowledge the lack of backing for candidacy within the left-wing party coalition. “We are completely aware that we do not have the support of the parties, that many Concertación political figures are going to tell us not to continue on in this process because we will risk allowing the right to win”, Gómez stated while referring to statements that have been made warning against the risks involved in holding internal primaries. The senator assured that the stance of the Radical Party is to defeat Alianza candidate Sebastián Piñera, “based on ideas and the...

Ingles Insulza arrives in Chile to announce withdrawal from presidential race

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05/01/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO. - The Secretary General of the Organization of American States, José Miguel Insulza arrived in Chile from Washington today in order to announce his decision to withdraw his presidential candidacy after the latest CEP poll revealed that Eduardo Frei is the Concertación´s best option to run against Alianza candidate Sebastián Piñera. Insulza was greeted at the airport by former Secretary of State Enrique Correra and hopes to meet with the Secretary General of the Presidency, José Antonio Viera Gallo at some point this morning. Despite the fact that his arrival in the country had been scheduled for Wednesday, Insulza made known, according to information revealed to “El Mercurio” by senior left-wing leaders, that he caught an earlier flight in order to formally announce his decision to drop out of the presidential race.

Ingles Latorre: The Concertación can make an effort to end exclusion

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02/01/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- In response to the PC´s decision to support the presidential candidate of the Concertación if they are able to reach a parliamentary agreement with other left-wing parties, the president of the DC, Deputy Juan Carlos Latorre, has not ruled out the option if it means that they will gain more votes. “I don’t see any problem with the Concertación parties putting forth the effort to put a definitive end to the exclusion”, Latorre told Radio Cooperativa. The deputy stated that “the right-wing cannot use the fact that an entire political sector is left out, which accounts for 12% of Chileans, in order to guarantee a technical tie”. Latorre explained that in order to end the exclusion, he does not believe that reaching a parliamentary pact would be the best option, but explained that if the right does not definitively end the two party system, “then the...

Ingles Michelle Bachelet: The next elections "are going to be very close"

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31/12/08 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- The latest CEP poll, the creation of the National Institute for Human Rights and health were just some of the topics analyzed by President Michelle Bachelet this morning while she spoke about the performance of her administration and shared the agenda for 2009. With regards to the latest CEP poll, which singled out Sebastián Piñera as the candidate with the most leadership and Eduardo Frei (DC) as the best candidate for the left wing, the President pointed out that the upcoming elections will be very close. "(The next elections) are going to be very close, but I am certain that in 2009 we will soon have clear candidates from the Concertación and we'll see how things go", stated the President. While referring to the debate surrounding the creation of the National Institute for Human Rights, the President declared that it is an initiative she had taken on with the...