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Ingles Bielsa may replace Orellana with Edson Puch in Belgium match

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28/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Following their 0-4 defeat in Osaka, the Chilean national soccer team is now preparing for its second match as part of the Kirin Cup against Belgium tomorrow. Coach Marcelo Bielsa called a practice session today to prepare for the confrontation with the Belgians. For the last friendly match before the team's World Cup upcoming qualifying events, "La Roja" could make a couple of changes compared to the line-up that was used against the Japanese. Edson Puch, who played during the second half of the match against Japan, as well as midfielder Manuel Iturra, could take to the field. "I have not definitively decided on the team for tomorrow, but it is very likely that Manuel Iturra will play from the beginning as a contention midfielder, contrary to the formation used against Japan, and it is likely that Edson Puch will be put in at one end. The latter has not been...

Ingles Audax considers keeping Villanueva and Orellana from the Chilean National Team

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27/12/07 - EMOL (Chile)

To see international photos, click here SANTIAGO.- Audax Italiano is in trouble. Not only is the team facing problems stemming from the imminent departures of Uruguayans Leonard Medina and Diego Scotti due to financial differences; the tour of the National Chilean Team in Asia is also adding to their predicament. Audax Italiano is not looking forward to the Chilean National Team's upcoming confrontation in Japan, since the event falls on the same day as the first match to define who will compete in the Copa Libertadores tournament. Audax Italiano is set to go up against the Colombian team Chicó, coached by Raúl Toro, as they attempt to make it to the group phase of the tournament. Directors of Audax Italiano are considering the option to keep their 2 players who were nominated for the Chilean National Team: Carlos Villanueva and Fabián Orellana. Villanueva's departure has not...

Ingles Vidangossy only foreign player nominated for Asian tour

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24/12/07 - EMOL (Chile)

To see international photos, click here SANTIAGO.- With many fresh young faces, Marcelo Bielsa embarks this January 18th upon the Chilean National Team's Asian tour. At 12:00 PM today, the coach for the Chilean team announced the roster of players who will travel to Japan. The list includes only one athlete who plays for a foreign club: midfielder Mathias Vidangossy of the Spanish club "Almería". The rest of the players that were chosen all play for local teams, including two stand-out players from the recent tournament finalist, the University of Concepción. The roster includes the following players: - Miguel Pinto, Universidad de Chile - Cristopher Toselli, Universidad Católica - Gonzalo Jara, Colo Colo - Gonzalo Fierro, Colo Colo - Roberto Cereceda, Colo Colo - Fernando Meneses, Colo Colo - Eduardo Rubio, Colo Colo - Hans Martínez, Universidad Católica - Gary Medel,...