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Ingles "Marcianitas" triumph, hope to take fifth place in Japan

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10/10/08 - EMOL (Chile)

To see international photos, click here SANTIAGO.- Chile slammed Germany by a score of 2-1 early this morning during a match to define the fifth to eighth places of the IX Women's Roller Hockey World Championship in Yui Honjo, Japan. The reigning world champions seemed to still be suffering from their surprising elimination from the tournament after losing to the United States (1-2), leading to a less confident defense that initailly gave the Germans an advantage. Nevertheless, the match revealed the strength and talent of players Fernanda Urrea and Francisca Puertas, who helped to turn the scoreboard around and cement a victory for Chile that somewhat helps to mend the wound left from Wednesday's match. Chile will now play for the fifth and sixth place this Saturday at 2:00PM local time in Japan (1:00AM Chilean time), against the French national squadron, who recently defeated England...

Ingles Chile leads Latin America in financial market ranking

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09/09/08 - EMOL (Chile)

To see international photos, click here GENEVA.- According to the first financial development ranking of the World Economic Forum, Chile currently leads the Latin American economies and is ranked at number 30 out of a total of 52 global markets. The report indicates that the positive institutional and business atmosphere is the key reason why Chile has been listed as number 1 in Latin America. According to the study, the liberalization of the Chilean economy, along with a strong regulatory and legal system, have played a crucial role in the nation's economic development and have helped to boost the success of the financial system. Despite the optimistic comments however, the World Economic Form also proposes that Chile should take advantage of the positive aspects of the financial system in order to improve the markets and financial intermediaries. Among the Latin American...

Ingles 24 countries will attempt to save International Whaling Commission assembly

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27/06/08 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- The International Whaling Commission has formed an ad hoc committee of 24 countries in an attempt to keep the 60th annual assembly, being held in Santiago, from folding. This after an intense scuffle ensued among delegates concerning key issues such as scientific whaling and the creation of a sanctuary in the South Atlantic Ocean. “A group of 24 countries has been established and will meet to try to move the matter forward. A list has been created indicating key topics to be addressed”, the alternate for the Brazilian delegation, José Truda Palazzo, stated. The group is scheduled to meet today, after the closing session of the event, and (among others) includes five Latin American conservationist countries: Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico. The committee also includes Japan, Norway and Iceland, which are the main countries in favor...

Ingles Chinese cars now fourth top- seller in Chile

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16/04/08 - EMOL (Chile)

To see international photos, click here SANTIAGO.- According to the National Automotive Association of Chile (ANAC), the sale of cars and new, light commercial vehicles reached 21,700 units during the month of March this year, indicating growth of 21% when compared to the same month last year. The figure contributed to a total of 61,774 units in sales for this year’s first trimester, reporting an expansion of 25.5% for the period. According to ANAC, commercial work vehicles have experienced the most significant growth during the first trimester, reaching 31.6% after comparing the 11,416 units sold during the same period in 2007 to the 14,918 units sold this year. ANAC also pointed out the increase in Chinese cars, which have reached the fourth position in the country of origin ranking with a market participation of 5.1%, coming in after Korea with 31%, Japan with...