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Ingles Minister of Foreign Affairs: Chile will request explanations from Brazil and Argentina

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27/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mariano Fernández, confirmed this morning that the Chilean government has decided to ask for explanations from the ambassadors of Brazil and Argentina after the diplomats from both nations issued statements in Lima in favor of Peru's maritime claim at The Hague. Fernández stated that "the affirmations made by the ambassadors in a regional capital surprised me, since ambassadors generally act upon instructions", reported Radio Cooperativa. The minister also said that as the head of Chilean diplomacy he has information regarding the stance of the governmental administrations lead by Lula Da Silva and Cristina Fernández concerning the dispute between Chile and Peru at The Hague International Court. Furthermore, he also reiterated the statements made yesterday by the Minister of Government Affairs, José Antonio Viera-Gallo, who contended that in...

Ingles Gildemeister awaits conversation with González in France

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26/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Hans Gildemesiter is following the Chilean players' winning streak at the Roland Garros tournanment and keeping an eye on the Austrians. The Davis Cup captain has been in France since last week, where he hopes to speak to the Chilean players, especially Fernando González. The former tennis player admits however that he has yet to speak with the La Reina native, who advanced on to the second round of the Parisian tournament yesterday. "I haven't talked about the Davis Cup with anyone. I was with Nicolás for a bit yesterday (Monday), but we talked about the Roland Garros. I haven't spoken to Fernando (…) he is concentrated on his goal of going very far here and with the game play he has demonstrated, he very well could", the coach told Radio Cooperativa. With regards to a possible meeting with Chile's number one player, Gildemeister stated that "we have to play it...

Ingles Bielsa arrives in Japan and Esteban Paredes could be number '9' for Chile

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22/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Marcelo Bielsa has already convened a training session for the Chilean national soccer team in Japan, and rumor has it that the national tournament striker Esteban Efraín Paredes could play as center-forward during the first match of the Kirin Cup against Japan this Wednesday at 6:35 AM Chilean time. According to Radio Cooperativa, Coach Bielsa led the practice with a focus on the offensive sector of the team and paid special attention to Paredes as a main point of attack along with forwards Fabián Orellana (right) and Jean Beausejour (left). The team's winger was Jorge Valdivia, who spoke quite a bit with Paredes to fine tune movements with the offense players of the national team. Bielsa's squadron is training at the J-Village Complex in Hirono with a very demanding regimen that included physical training yesterday directed by Luis Bonini and tactical work directed...

Ingles Bachelet: Chile will be one of the countries to recover fastest from the crisis

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14/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- President Michelle Bachelet stated this morning that the Chilean economy will be amongst those most capable of rapidly recuperating from the crisis, pointing out that forecasts predict a period of between five and seven months. "We believe that Chile is going to be one of the countries to recover fastest", the Head of State said on Radio Cooperativa. The President also said that economic predictions released yesterday by the Central Bank "are in line with the scenarios that we have been working with". In the financial entity's Monetary Policy Report (IPoM) for May, the Central Bank predicts a range of between -0.75% and 0.25% for national economic growth this year and indicates that the figure is more likely to be towards the lower end of the spectrum. Meanwhile, Minister of Finance Andrés Velasco stated that the forecasts made by the Central Bank show that Chile will enjoy...

Ingles Peruvian congressman to ask U.S. to prevent Chile from purchasing F-16 planes from Netherlands

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04/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- After Chile confirmed that it has been negotiating the purchase of F-16 planes from the Netherlands, Peruvian congressman Juvenal Ordóñez (who also belongs to Foreign Affairs Department of Peru) has said that he will ask the United States government to prevent the transaction from being completed. According to Radio Cooperativa, Ordóñez contended that he is going to “propose the idea that the Peruvian government should get in touch with the United States of America in order to ask the nation to intervene and prevent the purchase”. It is worth noting that the United States is authorized to supervise the purchase, since the aircrafts of are U.S. origin. According to Ordóñez, it would be logical to postpone Chile’s purchase of the planes “until the situation is clarified and we know exactly whether or not this is about replacing equipment or not”.

Ingles Public housing debtors protest 25 meters above ground

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23/04/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- A group of home debtors climbed a crane to hold a protest more than 25 meters in the air today in the middle of downtown in the nation's capital. The incident began at approximately 10:00 PM last night, when members of the organization "Andha Chile a Luchar" held a protest along Alameda Avenue, in from of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (Minvu), which ended in 42 arrests (though all detained were later released). According to Radio Cooperativa, as police were making the arrests, another five individuals associated with the group climbed up a crane. The demonstrators threatened that they would not come down from the crane until the President arrived "to keep the promise she made during her speech on May 21st, which has yet to be followed through with". At approximately 2:00 AM, a sixth member climbed up the crane with food for the demonstrators and remained...

Ingles Universidad de Chile confident they will triumph against Boyacá Chicó

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16/03/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- After an impressive win that has kept the Universidad de Chile in Group 7 of the Copa Libertadores Tournament, the team set off for Colombia today, where they will play against the club Boyacá Chicó at 6:00 pm on Wednesday. Before leaving for Bogotá and then making their way to the town of Tuja where the match will be held, midfielder Felipe Seymore offered some insight into the upcoming match against the Colombians. "It is a very important game that will define many things. All of the points are key and we are focused on getting those three points at this match", he told Radio Cooperativa. The blonde player stated that he is confident his team will achieve positive results at the game, thanks to the improved skill they have shown in the Apertura tournament. "We are trying to reach our maximum capacity and we are prepared for a very tough match. We are going to...

Ingles New Minister of Foreign Affairs: "I feel honored and very thankful"

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13/03/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- As soon as he found out about the presidential cabinet change, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs and former Ambassador to the United States, Mariano Fernández, caught a plane to Chile and arrived at the Santiago airport at 8:00 am this morning. Although he did not wish to comment on contingent matters until being updated about the current situation, he did state, "I feel much honored (to take over the new position) and I am very thankful to the President as well as the people who have already sent me their congratulations". According to Radio Cooperativa, Fernández expressed his gratification for Alejandro Foxely's gesture of sending her a letter of congratulations, saying that the act was "very nice and very encouraging". When asked how he would confront his new position and future relations with Peru, Fernández stated that he would first be sworn in and then...

Ingles Ministry of Health confirms four cases of dengue fever in Chile

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26/02/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- The Ministry of Health (Minsal) has confirmed four cases of dengue fever so far during 2009. According to Radio Cooperativa, the Minsal has said that those suffering from the illness pose no threat to the rest of the population, since dengue fever can only be spread by way of mosquitoes carrying the disease and cannot be passed from person to person. The latest confirmed case was reported in Arica and involves a Chilean national that traveled to Bolivia. Epidemiologist Juan Jorge Silva explained that dengue fever is not easy to diagnose due to the rare nature of the illness, which is also why a vaccination does not exist within the healthcare system to treat it. Furthermore, Silva indicated that dengue fever can be fatal if it causes a hemorrhaging within the central nervous system. Since 2004, there have be 74 reports of people infected with dengue fever, all of whom...

Ingles Eduardo "Lalo" Parra's health shows slight improvement

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24/02/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- According to the latest medical report issued by the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile, Eduardo "Lalo" Parra –a recognized musician from the 1990's— is showing signs of slight improvement in his health condition, which has kept him at the hospital since Thursday of last week. According to Radio Cooperativa, the resident doctor at the medical facility, Sebastián Bravo, stated that "after the heart attack he had on his way out of the operating room, he also suffered from multi-organ failure; it was really bad. An elderly man with multi-organ failure is a very grave prognosis and he had to stabilize himself". Meanwhile, the singer's wife, Elizabeth Castro, remained hopeful with regards to her husband's improvement claiming, "It is good news. Today we are beginning a new day". Castro also said with great joy that "he (Parra) makes the fear pass; before going into...