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Ingles Mideplan Minister discharged from hospital after car crash in Providencia

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26/05/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Minister of Planning Paula Quintana, her Chief of Cabinet, Carolina Martínez, and the chauffer of a vehicle they were travelling in, Rafael Silva, received only minor injuries after being involved in a traffic accident this morning at the intersection of Eliodoro Yáñez and Hernando de Aguirre, in the Municipality of Providencia. Heeding the suggestion of the doctors that treated her, the secretary of state was taken to her home to rest. According to reports issued in a brief memo from the Ministry she heads, Quintana underwent several medical exams at the Hospital del Trabajador. For now, the exact causes of the accident remain unknown since, according to the drivers of the vehicles involved in the crash, both crossed the intersection with green lights. Police say the crash took place at 7:20 AM, when the Hyundai Azera the minister was travelling in collided with a...

Ingles Car sales plummet almost 50% in March

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16/04/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- Car sales registered a sharp decrease of almost 50% during March, when a total of 11,364 brand new lightweight vehicles were sold. According to the National Automobile Association (ANAC), 6,664 of those sold were cars or passenger vehicles, while 1,915 were SUVs and 2,782 were lightweight commercial vehicles. When compared to the figure for March of 2008, there is a decrease of 47.6% which, according to the ANAC, is in line with the organization's market forecasts for this year, which predict the sale of approximately 130,000 vehicles. With regards to brands, the market has been led by Chevrolet, with 1,759 vehicles and 26.4% of market participation. Hyundai came in second place with 1,515 cars sold and 13.3% of the market share, while Kia was reported third with 1,084 units sold and 9.5% of the market share. "While it is true that we continue to see sharp declines...

Ingles Accident in El Bosque leaves two critically injured

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30/01/09 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.– A head-on collision on avenida Club Hípico in the municipality of El Bosque left two individuals critically injured this morning. The wounded individuals have been identified as Alejandro Alvarado Alvarado, who was behind the wheel of an all-terrain Hyundai Galloper, and Dionisio Barra Montes, who was driving a Chevrolet Luv. According to preliminary reports, the accident occurred when Alvarado passed another vehicle, using the lane for vehicles traveling in the opposite direction, consequently colliding head-on with the truck and causing it to roll over. Firefighters arrived at the scene, rescuing the drivers from their vehicles. They were then taken to Hospital Barros...

Ingles Stolen ATM machine found in San Joaquín

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28/11/08 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- LABOCAR officials stopped to investigate a Hyundai Galloper jeep today that was found in a parking lot this morning just a couple of blocks from an apartment complex located on the corner of Calle Vecinal and Pasaje Llauco in the municipality of San Joqauín. Inside the vehicle, the officers found a stolen ATM machine that was taken early this morning from a gas station mini-market located on the corner of Vicuña Mackenna and Carlos Valdovinos, in the same municipality. According to police, the discovery was made at 7:00 AM in the Joaquín Edwards Bello neighborhood. The machine however, had been completely destroyed and no money was found inside. Preliminary investigations indicate that the machine was cut from its base with a blow-torch like tool. Officials from the 50th Police Station of San Joaquín were also dispatched to the scene and blocked off the area for...

Ingles Two new attempted ATM robberies

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20/10/08 - EMOL (Chile)

To see international photos, click here SANTIAGO.- Another two cases of attempted ATM machine theft were reported early this morning in the municipality of Santiago where the suspects fled the scenes of the crimes, unable to complete their missions. Both attempted robberies occurred close to 4:00AM. One of the attempts affected a Banco Chile branch on the corner of Cumming and Mapocho, where it was reported that between eight and twelve individuals were involved in the act. The suspects did not manage to get away with the cash dispenser however, fleeing the scene of the crime and tossing some 70 tire spikes behind them, which damaged several police vehicle tires. Nevertheless, police were able to find the vehicle used in the incident – a stolen Hyundai Galloper. The other ATM theft attempt took place at a Banco BCI branch on the corner of Beauchef and Larraín,...

Ingles Police arrest pair of criminals that had been stealing computers from cars

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18/07/08 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- After the 8th Court of Santiago issued an arrest warrant this morning, police were able to capture a couple that had been working together in an operation to steal laptop computers and electronics. The pair, whose identity has not been revealed, had been breaking into parked cars (mostly within parking lots) after verifying that there were personal computers located inside of the automobiles. The couple had been using private vehicles to transport themselves; the woman drove a Hyundai Sante Fe, while the man drove a Chevrolet Blazer. Surveillance tapes were able to capture images of the vehicle license plates the pair was using, which allowed authorities to establish the suspects` identities.

Ingles 10 students injured in school-van crash in La Florida

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08/07/08 - EMOL (Chile)

SANTIAGO.- A violent collision between a car and school van this morning at the intersection of Alameda Oriente and Santa Inés in the municipality of La Florida has left ten children with varying degrees of injuries. According to preliminary reports, the accident occurred when a Hyundai Elantra, being driven along Alameda Oriente by María Luisa Alista, failed to respect a yield sign and crashed into the back part of the bus carrying 10 children, which was being driven by Dagoberto Caniulao. The force of the impact caused the van to flip, leaving the students (who had been on their way to Colegio Siglo XXI, located on the corner of La Florida Avenue and Trinidad) trapped. According to police, seven of the students received considerable injuries. Officers from the Fire Rescue Unit arrived at the scene along with police from the Silvia Pizarro Police Station to help rescue...

Más "Rápido y furioso"

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05/04/08 - El Mercurio (Chile)

ALEJANDRO MANRÍQUEZ H. E n 2001 apareció en las salas de cine del mundo una película que marcaría un antes y un después en la vida de los seguidores de la personalización de automóviles. Fenómenos que algunos llaman "tuning" y otros "enchulamiento". Aquella cinta se llama "The Fast and the Furious" ("Rápido y furioso" en estos lares). El filme generó tanto impacto en los espectadores (y tantos millones de dólares) que heredó tres entregas más y hasta videojuegos. Sin embargo, ninguna de las secuelas provocó tanto éxito como la original. Es por eso que entusiasma la noticia de una cuarta edición, que será protagonizada por los actores de la primera película: los rudos Vin Diesel, Paul Walker y las actrices Michelle Rodríguez y Jordana Brewster. Esta última hará nuevamente el papel de Mia Toretto, la hermana de Vin Diesel que tuvo un affaire con Paul Walker en la...

Nuevo local de Hyundai Vehículos comerciales

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05/04/08 - El Mercurio (Chile)

Una inversión superior a US$ 2 millones demandó la construcción del nuevo local de Hyundai Vehículos Comerciales Chile S.A., empresa del Grupo Indumotora. Las nuevas instalaciones están ubicadas en Santa Isabel esquina de Santa Rosa, en la comuna de Santiago, con una superficie de 2 mil metros cuadrados, donde se distribuyen las oficinas de ventas, exposición de modelos, servicio técnico y repuestos. Hyundai Vehículos Comerciales Chile (HVCC S.A.) es una empresa que se creó en enero de 2007, con el fin de asumir la representación y distribución de toda la línea de camiones y buses Hyundai. En mayo la firma estrenará su nueva casa matriz que se ubicará en San...

Cerro Grande renueva flota con tractocamiones Hyundai HD500

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05/03/08 - El Mercurio (Chile)

Una flota de 20 tractocamiones Hyundai HD500 adquirió la empresa de transportes nacional de larga distancia Cerro Grande, entre cuyos principales clientes se encuentran Sitrans y la Compañía de Aceros del Pacífico (CAP), en particular la usina de Huachipato. Raúl Henríquez, gerente de Administración y Finanzas de Cerro Grande, indicó que se optó por los camiones Hyundai considerando su excelente relación precio producto, la comodidad, seguridad y, en especial, su alto rendimiento de combustible, que pudieron constatar en diversas pruebas previas a la decisión de compra. Los tractocamiones HD500, 4x2, cuentan con un potente motor de 12,3 litros y con una con potencia de 380 HP, diseñado con los más altos estándares de calidad, lo que se traduce en una optimización del consumo de combustible. Toda la línea de camiones y buses Hyundai es representada en forma exclusiva...